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A Dandelion... Why?

In the meanings given to the dandelion we recognize the scope of our project:


  • hope that opens up a horizon of cultural equitability

  • resilience since dandelion roots are noted for their resilience and persistence - even if all the leaves are taken off the flower still comes back

  • freedom that comes from the civic duty of creating critical and relevant information

  • optimism that emerges from the ethical, moral commitment with social justice - the dandelion yellow flower is the brightest in the urban environment in which they can thrive and metamorphose into a thousand parachutes, each with possibilities and ideas

Dandelions and Children's Games...


Picking up a dandelion flower 

blowing away its seeds

following their scattered flight 

and laughing with their swinging

Now waving them goodbye

because somewhere else is welcoming those seeds.

The dandelion recalls us of children’s games driven by multiple possibilities, generative and transformational.

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